Saturday, July 17, 2010

The MasterChef drinking game

Ok, a little fun to start with. And given that Masterchef finals week starts tonight, it's time to get this up and out there.

S. and I have been developing this game for a while. It pays homage to the Eurovision Song Contest drinking game.

In our version the ubquitous utterances, cliches and body language of the contestants and hosts become reasons for a swig of your favourite alcoholic drink. It can be a swig or a sip. You decide - you know if you have to get up for work the next morning or not.

One swig/sip

1. I really want this.

You all want it. That's why you entered the competion.

2. It means everything to me.

3. Cooking is everything to me.

4. I was gutted.

No, that's what happens to fish.

5. I'm not ready to leave yet.

Who will be until they are wearing the Masterchef crown?

6. I'm excited.

So was Big Kev. A favourite statement of Gary Mehigan's. His opinions on Big Kev are unknown.

7. You have... minutes to go.

Two swigs/sips

8. It's utter chaos in the kitchen.

9. It came down to the dish.

Really? That's what the contestants are being judged on? I'm shocked.

10. Gary Mehigan makes a (bad) pun.

11. Matt Preston does his 'one-two'.

When it seems like he is going to say something negative but no! He starts by using a negative adjective to describe something he really likes. He was only fooling us. What a joker.

12. George Calombaris goes up on his tip-toes to speak to Gary.

Three swigs/sips

12. George says a 'yeah' for emphasis at the end of the sentence.

He must have had elocution lessons since the last series, as this utterance is much rarer this season. Definitely worth a three sipper this year.

Scull the whole glass

13. George or Gary exclaim 'that's what I'm talkin' about!'

If there is anything I've missed, drop me a line and let me know. It would be a shame to let a good drinking opportunity to go past for want of a cue.

Good viewing and Happy drinking for finals week!

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