Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hot off the press - Filou's to reopen

It started with a text on Saturday morning:

'OMG! Filou's reopens on 7 Oct!'

That turned into a bike ride.

When we arrived we were greeted by a passing fellow cyclist who punched the air with joy and called out to us:

'Opens next week!'

Here is the proof:

And all of inner northern Melbourne rejoices at the news that Filou's Patisserie is reopening!

Filou's has been closed for the best part of a year after a car crashed into the shopfront. It seems like it's been much longer, but soon we can all enjoy delicious French pastries again!


  1. Happy days! Watch out for Easter next year when they do the Hot Cross Buns. They'll be part of our taste testing regime.

  2. Hi there, sorry for the delayed reply but I've added you to the Cookbook Challenge list.

    If you want your recipe included in the weekly round ups, please email me a link to the recipe, the name and the week it is for. Thanks!